Pre-Owned Plus



Pre-Owned Plus is only valid on vehicles with a Drive-Away Price(1) over $10,000.00. Each vehicle will have two (2) sets of keys, a remote start, $50.00 fuel card and our complimentary Lifetime Powertrain Coverage. However, if the vehicle does not meet our Lifetime Powertrain Coverage standards(2), they will not recevie this as part of the Pre-Owned Plus package. For vehicles with a drive-away price of $9,999.99 and lower, they will receive our complimentary Lifetime Powertrain Coverage, unless the vehicle does not meet our Lifetime Powertrain Coverage standards(2).

(1) Drive-Away Price means the total charges, not including PST and GST or financing charges, that the consumer, if paying cash without a trade, would have to pay to conclude a transaction, including: the price of the vehicle,and charges for freight, inspection before delivery of the vehicle, fee's and levies. The drive-away price rules apply only if the vehicle was in the advertisement. This includes vehicle lot advertisements in vehicle windows.

(2) Lifetime Powertrain Coverage is offered to most pre-owned vehicles at Lakeland Ford. If a vehicle has less than 200,000km and if the model year of the vehicle is within 12 years of the current year, the vehicle will qualify for this coverage. If the pre-owned vehicle does not meet both of these standards, it will not qualify.