Pre-Owned Plus



Pre-Owned Plus is only valid on vehicles with a Drive-Away Price(1) over $10,000.00. Each vehicle will have two (2) sets of keys, a remote start, $50.00 fuel card and our complimentary Lifetime Powertrain Coverage. However, if the vehicle does not meet our Lifetime Powertrain Coverage standards(2), they will not recevie this as part of the Pre-Owned Plus package. For vehicles with a drive-away price of $9,999.99 and lower, they will receive our complimentary Lifetime Powertrain Coverage, unless the vehicle does not meet our Lifetime Powertrain Coverage standards(2).

(1) Drive-Away Price means the total charges, not including PST and GST or financing charges, that the consumer, if paying cash without a trade, would have to pay to conclude a transaction, including: the price of the vehicle,and charges for freight, inspection before delivery of the vehicle, fee's and levies. The drive-away price rules apply only if the vehicle was in the advertisement. This includes vehicle lot advertisements in vehicle windows.

(2) Lifetime Powertrain Coverage is offered to most pre-owned vehicles at Lakeland Ford. If a vehicle has less than 140,000km and if the model year of the vehicle is within 7 years of the current year, the vehicle will qualify for this coverage. If the pre-owned vehicle does not meet both of these standards, it will not qualify.