A Brief History of the 50K Giveaway

A Brief History of the 50k Giveaway

The giveaways started back in 2016 when we gave away $10,000 to 7 lucky contestants. We had such great success that this giveaway that we decided to make it a tradition. In 2017 and 2018 we continued the tradition by giving away another $10000 prize each year and it just kept getting better.


In 2019 we upped the stakes. We decided since we had so much success in the previous years, that we would make raise the prize to $50,000!


Since then we have continued the tradition and have been giving away $50,000 each year.


Over the years we have had a number of challenges ranging from RC Car Races in the showroom all the way to an obstacle course on the ice during a Raiders game and this year is no different.


We hope to make this year the best one yet and wish you all the best of luck in this years giveaway!


Remember, you can get your name in the draw through sales or service!

More details about the prize and contest are coming soon, so be sure to follow us on all social media for updates!