5 Important Things to Keep in Your Vehicle This Winter

It’s important to prepare your vehicle for winter weather conditions even before they arise. Building an emergency kit that can handle extreme cold, snow, and icy roads should be a top priority. Here are some items you should always keep in your car this winter:

  1. A first aid kit is essential in case of any injuries or accidents during the harsh winter months. Make sure it’s well-stocked with supplies like bandages, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, and antiseptic wipes.
  2. Having rock salt, sand, or kitty litter on hand can help provide extra traction if you find yourself stuck in the snow. This is especially useful for getting out of a slippery parking lot situation or when changing a tire in icy conditions.
  3. Booster cables can help jumpstart your vehicle if the battery dies, while warm clothes and blankets are essential for keeping you and your passengers comfortable if stranded outside or on a long road trip.
  4. A shovel is also key to removing snow from around the wheels and under the car when stuck. Additionally, snacks and water can keep everyone fed and hydrated while waiting for help.
  5. An ice scraper and snow brush are must-haves to easily remove any buildup of ice or snow on windows, mirrors, and lights.

By keeping these items in your vehicle, you’ll be better prepared for any winter weather surprises that come your way. Make sure to check and restock them regularly to ensure you’re always ready for the cold!